In our line of work of visiting people day-to-day, we are fortunate to have the pleasure of meeting some amazing people with some incredible stories. We thought we would share some of these stories with you.

Today, we met Alex, co-founder of Outback Grave Markers. Outback Grave Markers aims to educate and preserve the rugged, unique history of the Australian Outback with a focus on the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Many final resting places of our great country’s pioneers are isolated and unmarked, and it is from the hard work and persistence from this group of retirees whom research, locate and mark with a plaque such grave sites. The team show an incredible part of Australia’s history that is unknown to most.

Here’s one of the stories from their website:

Patrick Madigan died about 5/11/1934 aged 54 years at Mt Hardman Tank, about 30 kilometres east of Liveringa homestead. Buried on 8/11/1934 at Mt Hardman Tank, Upper Liveringa Station by L O’Neill, Police Constable, Fitzroy Crossing. Madigan was a jockey and horseman, who was born in South Australia. Outback Grave Markers were taken to Mt Hardman Tank by Jed O’Brien the cattle manager of Liveringa Station on 13th June 2015 and Madigan’s grave was clearly visible, about 30 metres north of the cattle yards and just through the fence to the west of the track. A plaque for Patrick Madigan was installed on that day.”


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